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Tocci Selected by NED as Builder for American Twine Project

Tocci Selected by NED as Builder for American Twine Project Woburn, MA (October 09,... Read More [+]

Co-op Spotlights: Luke Maglio + Isha Kadam

Universities have kicked off their co-op programs for the semester… …which gives Tocci the... Read More [+]

Employee Spotlight: Sid Massaro

“I couldn’t speak a word of English…” This week, we are spotlighting a Superintendent... Read More [+]

Project Spotlight: Kendall East

Despite COVID-19 implications, construction at Kendall East continues to progress nicely. We spoke with... Read More [+]

Biophilic Design: Bettering Your Business by Investing in Nature

Take a look at your surroundings. Do you see plants, natural lighting/ventilation, or natural... Read More [+]

Tocci Organizes 2nd Annual Cleanup Day at Project Hope

Woburn, MA (July 20, 2020) On Monday, a group of Tocci volunteers returned to... Read More [+]

Construction Tops Off at Kendall East

Tocci and Urban Spaces Celebrate Milestone Woburn, MA (July 13, 2020) Tocci Building Corporation... Read More [+]

People We Like: Mother Teresa

For the 18-year-olds among us, COVID means an uncertain start to freshman year, but... Read More [+]

People We Like: Dorothy Day

In an effort to recognize the strength of our community and the United States... Read More [+]

Adding to Tocci’s Technology Toolbox

This spring, the Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) team has been exploring new software... Read More [+]

People We Like: Florence Nightingale

People we Like: Florence Nightingale We’ve been thinking of our healthcare professionals out there... Read More [+]

Unflappable: Calmness in a Crisis

Next to my desk is a sign with a word and a definition: Unflappable.... Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project