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The Architectural Influence

With the recent passing of Zaha Hadid, we are reminded of the architectural structures... Read More [+]

The Third Dimension

The bathroom and kitchen are the top two most frequently remodeled areas of the... Read More [+]

Design Trends – The Inspired and the Tired

Everyone and their brother is writing a blog post which details the events of... Read More [+]

Space Invaders

In September, I wrote about how some artists are using nature to build structures... Read More [+]

Natural Architecture

Constructing buildings using traditional techniques aren’t efficient; we should all know that by now.... Read More [+]

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

Artists are always right, right? It’s their art, their idea, their execution. So how... Read More [+]

The Importance of a Good ‘Font’

Huh? What’s Typography? In recent years, fonts have become a common design element. Typography... Read More [+]

Building Designs that are “Too Hot to Handle”

Usually when you hear the phase “this view would kill you” it’s referring to... Read More [+]

Stairway to Heaven – Part II

A few weeks ago, Victor shared some amazing and unique examples of staircases from... Read More [+]

Make Your Houzz A Home

I have always been drawn to unique and innovative design. Design doesn’t only lie... Read More [+]

Stairway to Heaven

This week’s Design We Love post is shared by Tocci’s Senior Project Manager Victor... Read More [+]

Living in an Aperture

This 97 square-foot gap between two houses in urban Tokyo was transformed into an... Read More [+]

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