Tocci’s VDC Team Shares Updates on Capitol Cove


rendering of Capital Cove

The Capitol Cove VDC team continues to work on MEP coordination despite frequent design revisions.

Although traditionally a CM would prefer less significant design changes during MEP coordination, it’s no big deal on this project because of the use of VDC.

When design revisions are issued (minor or major!), the VDC team updates the model easily to reflect any changes. The team then can see how any architectural or structural changes impact the layout of MEP systems and update the MEP systems accordingly.

Model Utilization

The VDC Team is also continues its implementation of Virtual Construction by utilizing models in the field.

The group plans to provide both material quantities and 3D views of upcoming work to field staff. It is anticipated that this information will reduce on site waste and prevent field issues.

To date, concrete quantities have been extracted from the model; calculations have been accurate to the 0.1 yd3, having the potential to drastically reduce waste.

3D visualizations of foundation work has enabled field staff to catch inconsistencies between the architectural and structural designs that could affect sealing the building envelope. These visualizations provide the superintendent with views that aren’t focused on in the structural drawings, enabling better communication with subcontractors and potentially more accurate construction.

This process will be utilized on upcoming projects, with current efforts being focused on Capitol Cove and the Starwood hotels, Aloft and Element.