This spring, the Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) team has been exploring new software and generating innovative ideas to enhance Tocci’s constantly expanding VDC skillset. This effort has mostly focused on modeling geometries from a point cloud (scan to BIM) and verifying as-built conditions against a design model (construction verification). Both innovations look very promising and will undoubtedly deliver higher quality products to our clients and project teams. Scan to BIM We’re very impressed by… … Read More [+]

Next to my desk is a sign with a word and a definition: Unflappable. It means, “Having or showing calmness in a crisis” and it’s been one of Tocci’s values since 2015. In the chaotic world of construction (and now the chaotic world of COVID), it’s a word and concept I think about often, and one I encourage our people to pause and consider as well. What does showing calmness in crisis mean for us?… … Read More [+]

Woburn, MA (December 3, 2019) This holiday season, Tocci connected with Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM) to donate holiday gift bags to 30 young men in lockup. SAM offers various programs and resources to juvenile offenders in lockup, allowing them to succeed in their transition back into their communities. The team at Tocci was eager to brighten the holiday season for these young men, who otherwise would not receive any gifts. Hats, gloves, games, and other… … Read More [+]

The Gratitude Advantage Imagine Thanksgiving as a way of life. Half the Pilgrims died the first year. Despite suffering great deprivation and financial ruin, two years later they celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Against all odds the Plimoth Colony survived. Today, the same truth holds: gratitude is a key component of healthy living. Gratitude improves your health. When we’re grateful we sleep better, have lower pressure. 107 year old Lona Collins when asked about the secret… … Read More [+]

Woburn, MA (November 14, 2019) This week Tocci employees gathered at our headquarters in Woburn for the 4th Annual Thanksgiving Potluck. The potluck raises funds for the Council of Social Concern, Woburn’s local food pantry. Every year, employee volunteers coordinate the effort, setting up the venue and curating the menu. Employees bring a dish, and volunteers collect donations as their colleagues enter the potluck. Tocci matches employee donations each year to support the food pantry…. … Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project