Woburn, MA (December 22, 2020) This holiday season, Tocci reconnected with Straight Ahead Ministries (SAM) to donate holiday gift bags to 30 young men in lockup. SAM offers various programs and resources to juvenile offenders in detention centers, allowing them to succeed in their transition back into their communities. Tocci’s Giving Committee is pleased to support the local community amidst the pandemic, and the Gifts of Hope fundraiser is a perfect socially distanced opportunity to… … Read More [+]

To change the status quo is to constantly evolve and improve. Tocci loves seeing this on our projects, from implementing new technology to utilizing robotics and modular. At the Worcester Courthouse Lofts (WCL), we see construction evolving through the skill and grit of women including trade partners (WBEs) and women in trades, as well as Tocci’s project managers. Although their backgrounds are unique, they share a passion for their work.   Dezire Dezire, a 19-year-old apprentice with Superior Plumbing, is on her… … Read More [+]

Resilience gets us through tough times, but where does it come from? Long before COVID hit, leaders recognized the need to bounce back, to be resilient. Leaders need the mental toughness to endure hardship and see the future through the lens of what is possible. Early on in my construction career I knew I needed to forge ahead to become the best superintendent I could be to later be able to build a business. I… … Read More [+]

The Worcester Courthouse is a “mammoth undertaking in multiple ways,” says Project Executive, VJ Tocci Compared to the renovation of mill buildings with rectangular spaces and enormous floor-to-ceiling heights, the Courthouse was built in four stages – three in the 1800s and the last in 1955, all with multiple distinctive features. The last addition doubled the size of the structure and clashed with the original design, creating a conjoined building with different styles. The 1955… … Read More [+]

Woburn, MA Tocci Project Manager, Zeina Habib, recently volunteered via Zoom at Project Hope’s Education Center in Roxbury, MA to lead a women’s workshop on finding purpose and creating habits to achieve their goals. The workshop entailed defining values and learning how to create habits that support an identity to live by. As an ICF certified coach (ICF), Zeina has hosted several workshops on subjects related to emotional intelligence, resilience, and habit adjustment. The workshop… … Read More [+]

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