“I couldn’t speak a word of English…” This week, we are spotlighting a Superintendent with more than 35 years of experience on projects ranging from interior renovations to high-rise construction. Tocci appreciates his expertise in field management and dedication to every project. His admirable story moves from a humble beginning into a life marked by constant improvement. We are proud to spotlight the one and only Sid Massaro. What are you up to? These days,… … Read More [+]

Despite COVID-19 implications, construction at Kendall East continues to progress nicely. We spoke with Assistant Project Manager, Dan Arenz, to get the latest construction update: The 4th floor is fully decked, allowing trades to mobilize on Level 2 to begin the interior framing and rough in. The concrete ramp to the underground parking continues to progress as MEP and fireproofing are completed on both levels of underground parking. The site team is working hard to… … Read More [+]

Since we are a small company, when one of us suffers, we all feel the pain. Sally, Zeina and Marvin, all Lebanese, work at Tocci and their beloved country is in shambles. Two weeks ago explosions in Beirut killed almost 200, injured 6,000 and left 300,000 homeless. Horrifying images show twisted steel, crumpled buildings, and streets littered with glass. Touching stories of heroism and rescue reveal the spirit of Lebanon. Clean up continues, most of… … Read More [+]

Take a look at your surroundings. Do you see plants, natural lighting/ventilation, or natural geometry in the architecture? According to the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (or NHAPS) from UC Berkeley, we spend approximately 90% of our lives inside and a third of that time inside our offices, wishing we were outdoors. We’re programmed to appreciate nature — no wonder we yearn to be outside. Sensing this, designers are using science to integrate the forms… … Read More [+]

Woburn, MA (July 24, 2020) Tocci held its first annual food drive to benefit the Woburn Council of Social Concern, a charitable, community-based agency that works to provide basic needs for people of all ages. Tocci has established a relationship with this non-profit throughout the past few decades, and with the constant need for food donations, the team was happy to help. In Massachusetts alone 617,380 people are struggling with hunger – that’s 11.2% of… … Read More [+]

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