TOCCI recognizes Black History Month by acknowledging African American revolutionaries – some were the first in their fields, others left lasting impacts on American history; all act as inspiration to future generations. Bessie Coleman was the first black woman to fly. Born in a 1-room shack to a family of 15, Coleman worked in the cotton fields to help her family survive but dreamed of flying. When no aviation school in the U.S. would accept… … Read More [+]

Relief for Lebanon

The 2020 Beirut explosion is largely forgotten by the media but lives on in the daily struggles of the Lebanese people. The explosion blew the lid off an already fragile government, where leadership abdicated their duties, saw inflation rise exponentially, and let COVID fester. Groceries, medicine, and other necessities are now luxuries – life has become almost impossible for those already suffering. In early December, TOCCI raised $14,000 by matching generous contributions from staff. Before… … Read More [+]

A Home Base for U.S. Army Corps (Natick, MA) TOCCI’s project team substantially completes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Family Housing Project! This redevelopment serves Soldiers of the Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) and their Families, many enjoying their first home. As the only active duty Army Installation in New England, NSSC’s focus is to enhance, empower and enable the Joint Warfighter from all branches of the DoD as well as the Coast Guard…. … Read More [+]

Boston, MA (01.24.2022) — TOCCI announces the hiring of Wayne Arruda and Cynthia Tocci. Arruda, an industry veteran, will lead the company’s healthcare division. He joins TOCCI’s team with 35+ years of experience in planning and preconstruction, primarily in healthcare and education. In his role at TOCCI, Arruda will focus on specific initiatives in healthcare and life sciences to expand the company’s hospital and lab portfolio. Arruda’s deep experience in suburban and downtown hospitals includes… … Read More [+]

I love Arthur Brooks’ talks in The Atlantic’s column, “How to Build a Life.” The title alone says a good life takes effort – it’s a long walk in the same direction and the goal is achievable, but next steps are not always obvious. Brooks encourages us to remember the things we are grateful for and sticks to the adage, “Count Your Blessings” and goes a step further, urging us to keep track by writing… … Read More [+]

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