TOCCI CELEBRATES NATICK SOLDIER SYSTEMS CENTER’S RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY John Tocci, CEO Jim Boucher, Director of Operations, as well as management staff Sid Massaro, E. Taylor Tocci AIA DBIA, and Ryan Smith were guests at the April 20th ribbon cutting for the NSSC Family Housing developments in Natick, MA. TOCCI thanks its design partner, Khalsa Design, and associates at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their collaboration and dedication in making these homes a… … Read More [+]

WORCESTER: A PLACE TO LIVE, WORK, LEARN, AND PLAY Since establishing UMass’s biotech park, creating Polar Park stadium, and improving Worcester Polytechnic University, Clark University, and Holy Cross University’s campuses, the city is re-emerging as an economically viable choice for young professionals and families. Like Cambridge and Boston, the City recognized the value in boosting biotechnology to establish a home base for manufacturing skill, augmenting the hotbed of research genius. With real estate that’s substantially… … Read More [+]

TOCCI is delighted to announce the start of two renovation projects in Worcester: WPI South Village Expansion for Hampton Properties and the Worcester Memorial Auditorium for the Architectural Heritage Foundation! At the South Village, the TOCCI Team is revitalizing three Victorian mansions into student housing for Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Worcester Auditorium’s scope includes non-structural interior demolition, finishes, and selective abatement. These two developments are within walking distance of each other and straddle the recently… … Read More [+]

Our post-pandemic economic recovery is menaced by inflation coupled with slow economic growth (aka “stagflation”), and it’s weighing heavily on the construction industry. Disrupted supply chains, labor shortages, and recent aggressive economic sanctions – both private and public – against a resource-rich country, continue to drive up prices, dampen growth, and heighten uncertainty. Making the situation worse, commodity markets (steel, lumber, coal, iron ore, and petroleum products) have turned extremely volatile, robbing price predictability for… … Read More [+]

This Women in Construction Week, we’re proudly celebrating the women of TOCCI! Their contributions to the management and design of projects as well as legal, financial, and marketing support are invaluable. The entire AEC industry has reaped huge benefits from women in construction. We’re highlighting stories they’ve shared on why it’s GREAT to be in this field: Tammi Gott, Compliance Manager: I’m so proud to contribute to creating opportunities for female labor forces and women-led… … Read More [+]

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