I love Arthur Brooks’ talks in The Atlantic’s column, “How to Build a Life.” The title alone says a good life takes effort – it’s a long walk in the same direction and the goal is achievable, but next steps are not always obvious. Brooks encourages us to remember the things we are grateful for and sticks to the adage, “Count Your Blessings” and goes a step further, urging us to keep track by writing… … Read More [+]

Smart Asset Management Solution: GIS and BIM Integration In a great turn for Tocci’s expanding services, our firm has joined ESRI’s business network and integrated their GIS technology in our standard BIM-focused workflow, improving project close-out. GIS (Geographic Information System)’s platform visualizes and analyzes spatial data. Intuitively, it shows us the “what” and “where”, similar to Google Maps. GIS is a lifeline at the end of construction when owners are handed the keys, but left… … Read More [+]

Tocci Completes Commercial Underpinning in Kendall Square Woburn, MA (October 12, 2021) Tocci recently finished work on American Twine Building #2: a 117,000 square foot historic commercial building at the American Twine Office Park in Kendall Square. Tocci partnered with New England Development and GZA GeoEnvironmental to underpin Building #2’s existing foundations with a helical pile and concrete knee wall system. Piles were installed both inside and outside of the building and connect and support… … Read More [+]

Woburn, MA (September, 2021) Tocci Building Corporation (TOCCI), a Boston-area construction manager and recognized leader in virtual design and construction solutions, announced today the promotions of Valentino Joseph (VJ) Tocci to the Executive Committee and Dan Arenz to Project Manager (PM). VJ brings over 30 years of construction and restoration experience to his executive role. He is skilled in helping owner, designer, and construction teams find creative solutions while managing budget and schedules. He has… … Read More [+]

Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce selects Tocci as Game Changer Award Recipient. WOBURN MA (June 14, 2021) Tocci Building Corporation has been honored by the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce as an award recipient at the 6th Annual Game Changers Business Conference for their commitment to a diverse workforce at the Courthouse Lofts project. This adaptive reuse project converted the original Worcester County Courthouse into 118 mixed-rate units. Comprehensive compliance efforts and outreach resulted in… … Read More [+]

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