Autodesk project wins Green Building of America Award


Lounge area with minimalist style white couches and light fixtures, next to occupied conference room

We have been honored with another award for our groundbreaking IPD project: the Autodesk AEC Headquarters in Waltham, MA.

The project has been selected as a Green Building of America Award-winning project.

Here is the official press release from Construction Communications:

“From more than 2,500 nominated projects, Autodesk AEC Headquarters (submitted by KlingStubbins) has been selected as a Green Building of America Award-winning project and will be featured in the upcoming special Real Estate & Construction Review, Northeast Green Success Stories edition. Each Green Building of America Success Story project is highlighted in a case study that intertwines the words of the project’s owner/developer, consultants, architects, and contractors to explain how the teams worked together to design and build one of the region’s most important, innovative or unique new or renovated sustainable facilities.

Regional editions, both in print and online, provide inside information about the most preferred and qualified firms, team members, and products that are being utilized for the most important sustainable projects within a specific area of the country. Combined with in-depth case studies, “how-to” editorials from leading consultants, and glossy top-notch photography, each edition is packed with all the essentials and is therefore a “must read” for any owner, architect, general contractor, consultant, or project team member thinking about building green.

The Real Estate & Construction Review has been published by Construction Communications since 1999. Each edition is published annually and features the region’s top projects as determined by our editorial board. The publication is read and referenced by leaders within the region’s local governments, economic development groups, financial institutions, owners, architects, and contractors. Each edition will also be available in flip book format online at The website, accessed by industry leaders and decision-makers throughout the country, combines more than 30,000 links and millions of searches each year. There will be five regional 2009-2010 Green Success Story editions of the Real Estate & Construction Review including Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Midwest.”