Autodesk Plays Cards with Tocci VDC Team


Tocci's VDC team members at work by a computer

Autodesk’s AEC software development team comes to Tocci

Last week Autodesk’s AEC software development team came into Tocci headquarters to observe our nationally acclaimed Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) team working with Autodesk software. Tocci has been a beta tester for Autodesk since 2006, but this observation was very exciting because Autodesk did some brainstorming exercises with our VDC team.

The exercises helped Autodesk gather information about what features builders will want to see in the future and how they actually use this software. They involved organizing concept cards according to our personal views about what is and will be happening with BIM, the industry, and design. There were also discussions and observations of our BIM working process.

Everyone in our VDC department enjoyed reflecting on the way they work and think with others who are as passionate about BIM and VDC as we are.