Our solutions are

10% Technology and 90% Sociology

Tocci’s strategy webs together 6 solutions: safety, innovation, colocation, open source, lean, and sustainability. Individually, each solution is powerful and timeless. By deploying them in combination, Tocci is uniquely equipped to address client needs.

01 Safety

Our first responsibility is to provide a healthy and safe working environment for every person we work with, both on and off the jobsite. We are deeply committed to ensuring that each person goes home safely at the end of each day. Although OSHA requirements are the industry standard, we manage our jobsites to a higher level of safety compliance. Our safety culture includes weekly safety bulletins, employee training, OSHA certification, and subcontractor Toolbox Talks.

02 Innovation

Innovation is at the core of Tocci’s strategy, process, and culture. To us, innovation is about using new products, methods, and technology to add value to projects and drive towards flawless execution. And although we embrace change and new technologies, we don’t adopt either for its own sake.


03 Colocation

Even with today’s unprecedented communications technology, still nothing beats proximity. People in the same room simply communicate more often and more effectively. Tocci uses colocation to foster a cohesive, integrated project team. Co-location enables key decisions to receive the vital input from the project team. When implemented properly, colocation reduces project schedule, enables design, and optimizes cost. We aren’t the only ones who see value in co-location; a Harvard Medical School study found “striking evidence” to support the success of colocation in biomedical science (Source: PLoS One. 2010; 5(12): e14279).

04 Trade Partners

Tocci practices competitive procurement from qualified subcontractors who offer the optimum combination of high-quality work, excellent service, responsible employer practice, and judicious pricing.

05 Lean

Tocci embraces lean practices aim to eliminate labor and material waste from our projects. The core lean mindset of “do better today than yesterday” focuses efforts on continuous improvement. Some of Tocci’s lean practices include value target design, pull scheduling, and batch processing. Our projects frequently use lean strategies including system prefabrication, modular construction, and equipment sharing.

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Tell Us About Your Project