Andreas Phelps Lecture at Tocci: Lean Information Flow


man giving lecture in front of audience sitting by circle tables

SGH’s Andreas Phelps gives a lecture at Tocci

If you were in the Tocci office late Wednesday night, you would have been among the many industry professionals enthralled with the enlightening talk given by SGH’s Andreas Phelps.

Andreas Phelps is a senior staff engineer in the Building Technology Division of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger where he has worked on dozens of new design, construction administration, and failures investigations projects related to the building envelope. He also has a Ph.D. in construction management from Penn State for his work on “Lean Information Flow on Complex Healthcare Projects”.

Information flow is the foundation of any project. It’s even more critical on IPD projects where all parties accept responsibilities for other stakeholder performance. Mr. Phelps conducted a three-year in-depth study of information flow on project teams discovering what works and what doesn’t… and why.

His compelling presentation summarized the key factors of effective information flow and offered a unique perspective on our current information use patterns and the structures in place to reinforce those patterns. His findings demonstrate how we can dramatically change team behavior to deliver high-performance projects which maximize the extraordinary value of our collective knowledge.