A Day in the Life of our Safety Director – Chuck Rosenthall


2 construction workers repairing a sewer

We reached out to Chuck last week to tell us about what typically happens when he makes a visit to all of our job sites.

Here’s an overview of the typical tasks Chuck goes through upon arriving on a project site:

I visit every active project site a minimum of once a week; the busier sites with high-risk work activity are visited more frequently. First, I check in with the assigned project Superintendent to review current work activity and assure the following safety-related practices are being followed:

  • All subcontractors working on the project have an approved COI
  • All subcontractors have issued a paper copy of their safety and health plan to Tocci and the copy is present in the site trailer
  • All subcontractors have issued Tocci hard copies of MSDS/SDS sheets for all chemicals that they’re utilizing on site
  • Conduct weekly subcontractor safety meetings with designated representatives from each subcontractor team on the project
  • All subcontractors are holding weekly safety meetings with their crews and are issuing Tocci a copy of the attendance sheet
  • All subcontractors are maintaining a daily man-count log
  • All required safety certificates, licenses, or training documentation is obtained from subcontractors as needed

Additionally, an entire site safety inspection is conducted to ensure the project is in compliance with Tocci and OSHA safety policies and procedures. While walking the site, I always keep an eye out for the top 4 construction hazards: falls, struck by, caught in between, and electrical hazards. I also focus on:

  • Fire prevention
  • Electrical safety
  • Hand and power tools
  • Heavy equipment
  • Scaffolding and ladder safety
  • Fall exposure prevention
  • Site security, signage, and pedestrian protection
  • Trenching, excavation, and shoring
  • Material handling and storage
  • Personal protective equipment compliance

To regulate the sites, it is important to develop a weekly documented safety inspection report identifying corrective action items, and areas that need improvement, and highlighting positive safety observations. As my visit comes to an end, I work hand in hand with the site Superintendent to review the schedule and assure all site safety plans, procedures, and work plans are in place for upcoming work activity. Every site is different and comes with its own set of challenges, but these safety visits ensure that all sites are operating safely in order to complete the best project.