TOCCI’s Takeaways on World of Modular

This spring, TOCCI listened in on World of Modular’s lecture series

Takeaways: Modular construction creates safer job sites and logistics, addresses labor shortages, has less impact on the environment, and is the best method for tackling the affordable housing crisis.
Carbon emissions are reduced when trucks and workers no longer travel to far-flung sites. Modular factories are set up for a safe, smooth workflow with controlled light and temperature. Installers work in ergonomically favorable positions to reduce muscle strain. Modular construction in urban environments allows the industry to supply housing units in the areas where they are needed most.

With these benefits and more, how can modular construction get more buy in?

TOCCI’s Design Phase and VDC Manager, Owen Huisenga, chimes in:

The COST to build is almost prohibitive, but the NEED to build has never been greater. We CAN build better offsite – higher quality finishes, greater thermal efficiencies, faster construction times, fewer man-hours, and less construction waste. With modular [offsite] construction, we can rapidly deploy housing where it is needed most.

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