Celebrating the Women of TOCCI!

This Women in Construction Week, we’re proudly celebrating the women of TOCCI! Their contributions to the management and design of projects as well as legal, financial, and marketing support are invaluable. The entire AEC industry has reaped huge benefits from women in construction.

We’re highlighting stories they’ve shared on why it’s GREAT to be in this field:

Tammi Gott, Compliance Manager: I’m so proud to contribute to creating opportunities for female labor forces and women-led businesses.

Lila Tocci, Director of Company Life: In construction, women can use a variety of skills to thrive in roles of authority and responsibility. Last week, I overheard a female TOCCI area superintendent handle a call from a less experienced colleague regarding an elevator inspection. After reassuring him, she called our trade partner and created a plan to manage the inspection. She fulfilled her role with care and confidence beyond her years.

Cynthia Tocci, Program Management Controller: It’s rewarding to be part of a process that creates buildings and infrastructure; it’s more than creating homes and jobs, it’s about creating functional works of art that I can be proud to have been a part of producing. It’s always a secret pleasure to drive past a building and think “I helped create that!”.

Paula Eremka, HR + Payroll Specialist: I am proud to work with other women who are smart and strong; they inspire me to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

Caitlin Fitzgerald, Assistant Super: This field combines my architectural background with a desire to directly impact the outcome of a project. Being in the field provides a pragmatic approach to design. It allows me not only to see the details implemented but engage and work with the subcontractors installing and bringing those details to life. Working and developing positive and lasting relationships with subcontractors, architects, owners, and consultants brings vitality to a project, and dramatically affects a project’s success. Between my boots-on-the-ground experience as a super and relationships with people in the industry, I know I’ll continue to have a positive impact on the design and construction industry.

Sally Akiki, APM: I can play a role in all the infrastructure systems; initially, I wanted to be in pediatrics, for instance, but here I am – an architect managing the construction process for a pediatric floor!


  1. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for sharing! Your parents would have loved to see you enjoying your latest endeavor.
    The best of luck to you in the years to come..

    Love you,

    Cousin Janet

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