Celebrating National Preservation Month

May is National Preservation Month, a time to celebrate the conscious effort to maintain the architectural, cultural, and historical heritage of a structure and its surrounding communities. At Tocci, we appreciate the beauty of breathing new life into old spaces — so much so that we purchased and repurposed a historic building as our headquarters.

Tocci is currently nearing the completion of a unique adaptive reuse project in Worcester, converting a vacant 1800s courthouse into 118 units of mixed-rate housing. This project qualifies for multiple historic tax credits and is a fantastic way to uphold the architectural integrity and character of this historic structure in downtown Worcester.

When asked about the topic, historic preservation expert, VJ Tocci explained:

“Historic preservation is more than just creating unique spaces from existing buildings… it’s an essential element of saving our history. The communities that treat their antique architecture with respect have an aesthetic that other areas simply have lost. Boston is Boston, in very large part because of its special history and how it was preserved. This history is most obviously displayed in gorgeous historic architecture such as Faneuil Hall, Quincy Marketplace, The Old Statehouse, The Old City Hall, etc. When visitors come to see Boston, it’s these historic elements that draw them, not John Hancock Tower… nope, its Fenway Park (or an enormous bottle of Hood Milk) and the other special places that contain elements uniquely Americana and integral to American History. That’s why historic preservation is special. It contains our collective memory and history as a country and that is what makes us American”.

We look forward to our next opportunity to conserve history throughout the region. Scroll on to see some of Tocci’s favorite projects!


Worcester Courthouse Lofts

Worcester, MA | 202ksf |118 units | mixed-rate | adaptive reuse + historic preservation



Tocci Building Corporation HQ

Woburn, MA | Former Guastavino Tile Factory



Abbot Mill

Westford, MA | 131 units | 4 stories | 209ksf



The Graphic Lofts

Charlestown, MA | 186ksf | 171 units | 3-5 stories | modular + adpative reuse | LEED Gold



Monarch Lofts

Lawrence, MA | 201 units | 6 stories | 300ksf

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