Co-op Spotlights: Luke Maglio + Isha Kadam

Universities have kicked off their co-op programs for the semester…

…which gives Tocci the perfect opportunity to spotlight our resident hardworking co-ops: Luke Maglio and Isha Kadam!

Luke is a Field Engineer on the Kendall East project in Cambridge, MA. He graduated from Fitchburg State University in May and is expanding his skillset at Tocci.

Isha Kadam is at Northeastern University earning a Master’s in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Construction Management. At Tocci she’s doing a six-month internship with the Planning and Cost Engineering team.

Right now, the team is tackling the American Twine project in Cambridge, MA – a block away from the Kendall East site!
American Twine and Kendall East

As co-ops at Tocci, Luke and Isha can enjoy all the benefits of real-world exposure to unique construction projects throughout Greater Boston. Co-ops are encouraged to collaborate across departments, become proficient in construction management software, and understand the details of a project – from bidding and estimating to project closeout. All co-ops are also welcomed into the Tocci family to partake in bocce tournaments, volunteer opportunities, and the weekly themed dress-down day.

Tocci loves recognizing the hard work and dedication that their co-ops demonstrate. In the most recent case, Tocci elected Isha for the 2020-2021 AGC MA & Massachusetts Construction Advancement Program (MCAP) Scholarship. It was no surprise to us that she won!
Recipients of this award are outstanding individuals that have shown enthusiasm for the construction industry, are enrolled in a construction management or civil engineering degree program, and have maintained a high GPA. We are so proud of Isha and the steps she’s taken to advance within the field.

We start with Luke, who had an interesting introduction to Tocci:

I went to preschool with Paul Neenan’s (Tocci’s CFO) daughter and knew her growing up. I met him at a wedding, and we talked about my major and future plans. He asked for my resume, and I got a phone interview shortly after that.”

Isha says that she learned of Tocci’s program through Rinkesh (her husband, a Project Controls Engineer at Tocci) and during a conversation with one of her NEU professors about modular construction – one of Tocci’s strengths. She says that she has been impressed by Tocci’s culture to treat everyone like family.

The Workday
As a Field Engineer, Luke starts with accountability:

“It’s helpful to start each day with a checklist. With my goals in mind, I can organize paperwork and walk the site to check progress with trades—most recently masons, welders, and fireproofers.” This work is in line with his goal of becoming a Superintendent one day – “hopefully at Tocci!” he says.
Being paired with a great team at Kendall East has solidified these goals; as he has gained trust, he’s been given more responsibility, and his humble go-get-‘em attitude has been noticed by others:

“Luke is the only one that still calls himself an intern.” – Brian Wyer, Kendall East’s Area Superintendent

Isha has gained confidence as her understanding of construction grows – “university books don’t provide the practical aspects of the industry, but Tocci helps me with that definitely!”
Her days involve “making calls to subcontractors or follow-ups, then performing quantity checks and developing budgets for our clients” – work that she says has made her more comfortable in using + understanding the construction terminology she hears, which benefits her studies.

The Challenges  
Luke hasn’t struggled with any task specifically, but juggling multiple tasks without losing track of any can be daunting: “Lots of things come at you onsite, and you need to keep a level head to get them done.” Hence the checklist.

For Isha, the learning curve has been even greater: “In India we only deal with steel and concrete construction – never wood framing! So that has been exciting. I’ve also been acclimating to the jump from horizontal to vertical construction and learning the technical side of the construction industry in the US.”

The Takeaways  
Luke appreciates what he can’t do in a classroom – “seeing the project in-person and in real time.” As a “hands on” learner, Luke says that walking around in the fresh air is crucial for critically thinking about the tasks at hand.

With the increased sense of professionalism Isha’s developed, she says that she now has a clear understanding of her career direction. She also says that the friendly competition in the P+CE department has its challenges – “I’m working right from the conceptual phase of a project, which eventually helps me to understand the project in detail” – and its joys: “The Thursday Theme days are the best!.”

The Free Time  

If you’d like to learn more about the internship experience at Tocci and see what positions Tocci has to offer, please contact Katie Colombo at

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