Boston Trinity Academy Scholarship Fundraiser

Tocci Contributes to Boston Trinity Academy’s Scholarship Fundraiser

Woburn, MA (July 13, 2020) This spring Tocci Building Corporation contributed to the BTA Scholarship fundraiser, which sought to raise $200,000 in 16 hours to support tuition aid for its students. BTA’s mission “to learn with passion to live with purpose” creates an exciting learning environment for its diverse student population. Offering a rigorous academic and challenging civic curriculum is possible because over 60% of the students receive $1.8 Million in financial aid. With families struggling to pay tuition and charitable events canceled due to Covid-19, extra fundraising efforts were needed to continue their mission to end educational inequities for inner city students.

John Tocci, on the board of BTA has supported its mission for more than a decade, and was pleased to help this pressing initiative by offering a dollar for dollar $10,000 match until the close of Giving Day. Thanks to the generous donations, matches, and sponsors, the BTA well-surpassed their initial goal, raising $371,892 for their Scholarship Fund.

About Tocci Building Corporation

Tocci Building Corporation is a Woburn MA-based innovative construction firm, providing complete construction services for private, public, and institutional clients in the Northeast. Known for technology-informed building, Tocci’s team directs the construction process from planning to completion. Tocci is dedicated to their community, clients, and the transformation of the construction industry, one project at a time. For more information, visit

About Boston Trinity Academy

BTA was established in 2002 as an academically rigorous and culturally diverse institution built upon the foundation of Christian faith. The school provides an intellectually demanding academic experience that prepares and inspires students from all backgrounds, neighborhoods and perspectives not only to excel but also to serve the public good.

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