Lead to Win: Podcast #115: 4 Essential Documents for Leading Your Business

Podcast #115: 4 Essential Documents for Leading Your Business

From Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt + Megan Hyatt Miller

Listen to the podcast here.

In this podcast, Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller discuss four documents that are essential for leaders’ intent on growing their companies with a clear vision. Though the concept isn’t new, there are newer ways to use it to your benefit.

If there’s an issue of conflicting voices within your company or you’re looking at the world’s current climate as an opportunity to start fresh, Michael and Megan help to “distill” vision into four distinct documents that form the foundation of a viable organization.

Their first suggestion is to write a Vision Script, a three to five page document written in present tense that paints a clear picture of the company. This activity helps to “align your business on the destination before embarking on the journey”. Other documents mentioned include a Mission Statement, Strategic Plan, and Core Values.

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