Building a Storybrand with Donald Miller: Podcast #199: How to Become a Vision-Driven Leader

Podcast #115: 4 Essential Documents for Leading Your Business

From Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller

Listen to the podcast here.

Donald Miller speaks with Michael Hyatt, a fellow podcaster, motivational speaker, and former CEO of Thomas Nelson, to discuss the publication of his novel, “Vision-Driven Leader”. Hyatt discusses all the tips for business leaders that aren’t naturally vision-oriented or are in need of revamping their vision for the betterment of their company and workforce.

He also describes the four characteristics that a vision should possess to be memorable and inspiring. One such characteristic is to focus on what isn’t instead of what is; by refusing to be boxed in by the current market and finding creative solutions for fulfilling a need, a vision can provide the impetus needed to drive a company into the future.

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