Signs of Hope: More Than Just a Kiosk

In an effort to cultivate and spread some much-needed positivity in the midst of this pandemic, our team at Tocci was motivated to share positive messages around our active sites to inspire our people, our trade partners, and the communities – and we found that a lot of people wanted to help with this initiative. Teaming up with various local companies to align on a non-promotional, inspirational project was a powerful reminder of what can be accomplished together despite difficult times. This is how we managed to install four 250-pound kiosks in different cities within a week:

Our marketing team found quotes and developed signage concepts, finalizing the design a day after the original idea was pitched by John Tocci. (Pitched, as it is used here, means strongly requested.) These wouldn’t be standard signs – they’d be kiosks. 10 foot high, 250 pound kiosks. We had a collection stored behind our office that we were eager to repurpose.

The day the design was finalized, the marketing team and John hopped on a call with David Winchester, the President at Ready2Run Graphics & Signs (an MBE signage company in Worcester) to discuss materials, installation, and turnaround. To John and the team, this was an urgent project. These positive messages needed to be shared right away. The team pitched the concept to David using Microsoft Teams to share their screen to communicate the size of the kiosks, the design intent, and where they would be installed. David walked the team through various solutions, and it was ultimately decided to proceed with temporary vinyl decals. After the productive conversation, the team at Ready2Run received the graphics, and got right to printing the decals.
Printing Decals

Then it was time to transport the kiosks. This might sound like an easy task, until you remember the size of one – nonetheless, four! The kiosks were too large to fit in a standard pickup truck, so we reached out to Nathan from Torrey Woods Landscaping — the group that handles our headquarters in Woburn. Nathan adjusted his schedule at the last minute to drive to Woburn with his team and load his trailer with our kiosks. They then hauled them to Ready2Run Graphics for decal installation.

At the same time, Tocci employees, Kevin and Graham, were responsible for building and installing the kiosk bases in Woburn, Natick, Worcester, and Cambridge. They picked up materials from Home Depot, identified appropriate locations for each kiosk, laid down the 4×4’ wooden forms that Kevin made the day before, hand mixed concrete in a wheelbarrow, and filled the forms.

When the kiosks arrived at Ready2Run’s shop, it became apparent that they were in rough shape from being stored outside for the past few years – shocker! But David gave us a call, and ensured us that his team would make it work. Their team went above and beyond to clean the kiosks, fix any damaged parts, and make them look like new. The vinyl decals were applied and the kiosks were turned around in one day.
Before + After

After dropping off the kiosks, Nathan elected to leave his trailer (an essential part of his landscaping business) at Ready2Run’s shop to aid the pickup process upon completion. He returned the day after, loaded the finished kiosks into his trailer, and returned them to the Tocci office. From there, he worked with Kevin to distribute and install the kiosks at their respective jobsites.
Installed Kiosks

Each party involved made sacrifices to prioritize the intent of this project and execute it quickly and flawlessly. While it wasn’t the simplest of signage initiatives, it certainly made us reflect upon the beauty of a greater, powerful initiative.


  1. I have always appreciated my long association with John Tocci and the Tocci team. It is a great company to work with . They have continuously shown a leaning toward cutting edge building technology. Also, a pragmatic, cooperative and sensible approach to aggressively complete projects has always been on point; for us.

    It is great to see that they are providing there own resources to protect construction workers on their sites and to give everyone some subliminal hope with their Kiosk program; as we all deal with this Pandemic.

  2. It was an honor to be part of this project. John had a great idea and I am glad that Ready 2 Run was able to come through and get this project done quickly. These kiosks and their inspirational messages help demonstrate the American resolve. This is a challenging time, but we will make it through.

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