At The Table with Patrick Lencioni: Podcast #31: Leadership Doesn’t Stop

Podcast #31: Leadership Doesn’t Stop

From At the Table with Patrick Lencioni

Listen to the podcast here.

“Be exceedingly human”. That’s the unusual crisis leadership advice from one our favorite authors and management experts, Patrick Lencioni. I confess my approach has been more focused on the immediate implementation of efficient remote work practice.

As important as this may be, Lencioni points out a greater responsibility for leaders. Be real and care. He observes that CEOs from across the country are being unusually honest about their feelings right now, showing deep concern for their families, and the welfare of their people. Efficiency isn’t first. People are first. And the best CEOs are showing up as their whole selves. Some for the first time.

Patrick’s advice includes the following: Dress down. Don’t be afraid to show up in your video calls in sweats (really?).
Don’t play down the current crisis.
Don’t give people space. Call them. You’re not bothering folks. They want and need to talk.
Over communicate.
Look for ways to serve your clients and staff– with or without compensation. Serve.
Finally; think forward. When this is over (May, June?), will you look back and be proud of how you led or will you wince?

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