U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center

  • Rendering
  • Houses
  • Truck
  • Final Box
  • Box Flying
  • Putting Final Box in Place

Project Notes

Tocci is joining forces with Khalsa Design Inc. to deliver family housing for The United States Army Corps of Engineers at their Natick base.

This modular design-build project includes the design and construction of 28 new residences for military officers, along with site improvements to the Heritage Lane and General Greene Avenue housing areas. The Heritage Lane Housing Area previously hosted 25 military housing units which were demolished and are being replaced with 20 new townhouse units in 5 buildings and 4 duplex units in 2 buildings. The General Greene Avenue Housing Area previously included 2 existing military housing units which were demolished, and 4 single family structures are being built in their place.

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Tell Us About Your Project