The Scoop: Progress at 645 Summer Street

With the summer months ahead of us, progress at 645 Summer Street is making way. Our commercial occupied renovation in South Boston features two stories and 150,000 square feet. We spoke with Superintendent, Tim Corbett, to get the scoop.

Work is progressing inside and out. We have started placing the raised walkway along the front of the building. Due to the soil conditions being so close to the water, we are constructing this out of geo-foam and concrete. The non-compressible foam makes up the mass of the raised walk and is covered by concrete. The walkway and wall are being constructed to mimic the sea wall across the street. Additionally, on the exterior we are moving along with window trim details and ramping up to repoint and coat the building with a cementitious coating before painting it.

Inside we are moving along with drywalling the bathrooms and lobby along with MEPs throughout. The elevator is starting to be installed and the roof pavilion has been framed and roofed. Coming up we will be installing a new grand stair from the first floor up through the roof to the new pavilion. We will also be making upgrades to the egress stairs and both ends of the building.



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