2018 Wentworth Career Fair

On Tuesday, March 20th Dan Arenz, Arash Arbabi & I attended the Co-Op + Career Fair at Wentworth. The Career Fair is a great opportunity to meet potential co-op candidates and educate students on what Tocci’s co-op program has to offer. It is a great chance for us to get face to face with students and explain to them the many types of projects we are working on, as well as give them a real snap shot view into what they can expect from their time with Tocci.

We collected a handful of resumes from hopeful candidates. We are currently evaluating to see who would make an ideal candidate for the roles available. This year we are looking to fill co-op roles for Planning & Cost Engineering, Assistant Project Managers & Field Operations.

At Tocci we like to have a co-op with us year round, typically rotating between Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. During this cooperative education with Tocci, interns are able to solidify and expand on what they have learned within their degree through further knowledge in technical aspects of the building process as well as through improved communication skills, strengthened proficiencies working in a corporate environment, and exposure to several difference aspects of construction.

But not only do our co-op gain hard and soft skills from their time with us, they also get to partake in all Tocci activities. From Celtics games, to company paintball, to themed social hours, our co-op truly become embedded in the Tocci community.

Our current co-op, Will Peters, studies Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Will has been a great addition to our team as he has been aiding our P+CE department for the past few months. When asked about his experience with Tocci he said,

“Having my first office job was very nerve racking, but with Tocci and the amazing staff, I felt like part of the family.”

Co-op, Will Peters, takes off quantities from project documents for an upcoming bid.

Co-op, Will Peters, takes off quantities from project documents for an upcoming bid.

We always look forward to having new students join our team. We attend the Wentworth Career Fair along with others in the area several times a year, so be sure to keep your eyes open for the Tocci booth!

We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone involved and to all who attended. And as always, Katie Colombo did a great job organizing this program. We look forward to our next trip to Wentworth.


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