The Scoop: Update on 645 Summer Street

Our occupied renovation in South Boston is making great progress. To find out more about this two-story, 150,000 sf building, we spoke with Superintendent, Tim Corbett:

At 645 Summer Street, we are moving along as the weather permits with the shotcrete process on the exterior shear walls. This involves installing a vertical rebar mat that is attached to angles that are welded to the building’s structure, then covering the area with shotcrete. Shotcrete is another name for gunite; gunite is what is used in a lot of in-ground pools. It is a mixture of sand, Portland cement and a small amount of water that is then shot on to the surface at a high velocity.

Inside the building we are installing interior lintels and removing block at the majority of the window openings in preparation for the windows arriving in late February. We are continuing with an extensive amount of structural steel work that is to support the roof pavilion that will be built on the roof. This includes column and beam stiffeners, knee bracing, and installing 80 two-piece joists. On the first floor we have relocated the current tenants office space and begun to demolish that space to make way for a new passenger elevator and grand staircase.




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