AirServer: Making Training Easier

IT may not be everyone’s niche, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t utilize the best softwares out there! AirServer is a great example of a software that’s both user friendly and extremely handy to have.

AirServer is an advanced screen mirroring software receiver for Mac and PCs. It allows you to mirror your device’s display using the built in AirPlay, Google Cast, or Miracast. Still not sure exactly what it does or what it’s used for? Imagine you need to teach your mother how to save an image on an iPhone. With AirServer, she would be able to essentially link her computer up to your own phone, and watch as you demonstrate the steps on your own device, allowing her to follows the steps on her own iPhone.

So how can this be implemented in the industry? This is a great tool for various training programs. We have already used it in the IT department to create a video on the set up of our company mobile devices. Additionally, when our new employees need assistance learning how to use Procore; we could simply stream a live demonstration on a projector, and allow them to watch through at their own pace to learn the system. As smart phones and tablets become more and more relevant, this is a great tool to utilize. All of our superintendents and field staff rely on our iPads to use the Procore app, so this extra yet simple training is extremely useful. Instead of walking individual employees through these apps one at a time, our supers are able to connect their iPad to a PC with AirServer, and show the entire room at the same time.

AirServer is great because you have the option to stream live footage, or record a video if preferred. This provides flexibility with our training sessions; they can either be held live, or sent out via email for use during workers’ free time. Check out my previous blog post to learn more about how it works!

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