View Glass Installation

Our second-floor conference room is one of the main features of our historic building. With a corrugated metal ceiling, an automated garage door, and floor to ceiling window panes, the room makes quite a statement. We had just one issue: the blinds. While they typically did their job, at various times in the day strong rays pierced the blinds, making it difficult to see. During one of our recent Lunch + Learns- (an internal event where trade partners and vendors educate us on their products) we met the View Glass team.

So, what is View Glass?
“View Glass is powered by a sophisticated intelligence engine that responds intuitively to outside conditions, day or night. The intelligent glass is made of five thin layers of metal oxide deposited on it that are only one micron thick. When a tiny electric charge is applied to these layers it causes the glass to tint electronically.”

View Glass seemed like the answer to our problems. After the conclusion of the meeting, discussions ensued regarding the reinstallation of our windows using View Glass. On August 15th, this idea became a reality and the installation of eight View Glass panes for our conference room began.

View Glass loved the historic retrofit aspect of our building, so we struck a deal! View Glass contributed the glass and the installation labor in exchange for the ability to swing by the office with visitors and show off their product. After several weeks of meetings, measuring, glass fabrication, and finally delivery of the glass to 660 Main Street, our team began the installation. Middlesex Glass replaced the eight rectangular panes with the new View Glass on the first day. Nardone Electric then installed a control panel and a roof mounted sensor over the next two days. Commissioning the glass, or “making it smart”, however, took a few more days.

On most days, the glass will anticipate the solar glare and tint automatically to keep occupants comfortable and the screens functional without the need for any blinds. A wall mounted control panel allows the system to be adjusted manually if needed.

We are excited to see the View Glass in action and utilize our conference room without interruptions from unwanted glare.

Click here to check out our timelapse of the installation.

Tocci is the New England Demo site for View Glass, so visitors will be stopping by to experience this technology in the next few months.

Conference room before installation

Conference room prior to installation

Conference room during installation

Conference room during installation

Conference room after installation

Conference room after installation

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