Update on 645 Summer Street

This week we checked in on one of our local projects: 645 Summer Street. Located on the Boston Waterfront, this commercial project has been making loads of progress. Assistant Superintendent, Justin Morgan, gave us the scoop:

Phase 1 of this project focuses on the renovation of the east facade, roof replacement, and selective interior demolition. The existing precast panels were relocated to reflect the new facade design. A new TPO roof and skylights were completed, followed by a five-megawatt solar array installation. All required structural reinforcements for this phase have been completed, and the steel entrance canopies have been installed.

Curtain wall installation is well underway, and all frames and glass panes have been set. Installation of the remaining curtain wall pressure plates is to be completed by the end of the week.

On the interior, all approved demolition and resulting updates to fire suppression system have been completed.

At the backsides of precast panels, spray foam application and metal stud framing have been completed. Interior GWB and trim are to be completed by the end of month.




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