AirServer: Enhancing Communication

AirSever: Advanced Screen Mirroring Software Receiver for Mac + PC

When working on the jobsite it is essential to stay connected and to be able to communicate effectively with the various trades and the clients. There are many tools available to enhance the communication experience. At Tocci we have been exploring one particular software tool called AirServer. It is an advanced screen mirroring software receiver for Mac and PC. Once installed, AirServer allows you to mirror your device’s display using built in Airplay, Google Cast, or Miracast functionality. They can be mirrored one by one or simultaneously to AirServer.


Simply download the software on the computer. Once installed, turn on “airplay” and it will mirror the iPhone and/or iPad screen on that computer.


Wireless: No need to fumble or look for cables to connect to your laptops, tablets, or smartphone.

Eco-Friendly: No need to have printed manuals or presentation pieces to hand out.

Excellent Training Tool: For individuals on the jobsite who have iPhones and iPads, this useful tool comes in handy when reviewing new procedures or training with new products. There is also the option to record the screen to create tutorial videos.

User-Friendly: The software is compatible with most smartphones and is usually already installed. It’s guaranteed compatible with Airplay, Google Cast, and Miracast.


At Tocci we have used it in our IT department to create a video on how to setup Mobile device management on a users phone.

Additionally, when the Procore app became available on the iPhones/iPad, our General Superintendent used AirServer to display his iPhone on his laptop, which was hooked up to one of the monitors. From there, he was able to walk through each step of the training with a visual for field staff to follow.

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