Two-Wheel Commute

As you probably know, being active is good for your health. If you are anything like me, you spend almost all day in an office chair (at least it’s Herman Miller). That’s a day-to-day sedintary lifestyle that can have negative compounded effects on my body. I don’t sweat it though, because I bike to work and get plenty of exercise while doing the 30 minute ride each way. The problem is that I don’t actually bike to work. It’s something that I would like to do, but have yet to habitualize.

In recent weeks, a coworker and I have talked about biking to work. We’ve mapped out routes, talked about traffic, thought about what motivations it would take to make us want to get back on the bike in the afternoon to make the trek back home. Many companies in urban areas are building some amazing features into their offices – bicycle storage. There are some truly innovative spaces out there for the 2 wheelers! This is such a great move by companies. It encourages active lifestyles, it encourages reducing carbon emissions, and it leaves room for the hipster in every office. Some companies, in addition to areas for bikes, have provided lockers, changing rooms and showers. It’s no surprise that most of these companies are within the tech realm. Sitting down all day – ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

Tocci doesn’t have a bike storage area, but even if they did, I don’t think it would entice me more or less to cycle to work. Our offices aren’t exactly in an urban area and commuting for some people is 1 hour plus (and that’s by vehicle). Our company has a great culture of fitness with our FitBit challenges and monthly Wellness activities. It’s great to see other businesses providing ways for their employees to stay active. Here’s to your health!


AppDynamics – photo by Graham John Bell


Thumbtack – photo by Bruce Damonte


Yelp – photo by Jasper Sanidad


Rapha – photo by Gareth Gardner

Peer 1 Hosting

Peer 1 Hosting – photo by Space and Solutions


PagerDuty – photo by Jasper Sanidad


Eventbrite – photo by Mariko Reed

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