The Scoop: Tocci Bocce

Every few months a different department within Tocci has the opportunity to host a party at our HQ. Our most recent party landed in the first week of May so what better theme for a party than Cinco de Mayo? This social event also happened to coincide with the start of our Tocci Bocce season. The camaraderie was enjoyable, the Bocce games hilarious, and we definitely enjoyed chips, salsa, tacos and burritos. We even had a client come and join in the fun! Don’t you wish you worked here? #thescoop #toccibocci

Cinco de Mayo - Spread

At Tocci, we combined Cinco de Mayo and Bocce for a fun spring gathering.

Cinco de Mayo - Tie Dye

The winners of the season opener (left) Melissa and (right) Maria pose with Victor and Joann.

Cinco de Mayo - Toss up

Such style, such panache! Right hand extended, great follow through.

Cindo de Mayo - Iron Curtain

Laura and Victor, the ‘Iron Curtain’ unilaterally declared a ‘moral victory’ (Notice the Soviet medals and spectator engagement)

Cinco de Mayo - Val

Deboccery? How can these guys hope to win with a team called Deboccery? (see Val’s shirt)

Cindo de Mayo - Bandits

Meet the Bocce Bandits: Tammi and Alli are a force to be reckoned with.

Cinco de Mayo - VDC

Tocci’s Virtual Designers are serious about fun

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