Closing the Start-up Gap

One of the most challenging aspects of creating a start-up company is shrinking the gap between yourself and established companies who already have a handle on the market. The balance between explaining how your start-up will profit, how your product works, and being able to sell to someone who is interested in the product, can be quite tricky. It takes hours upon hours of time spent building and learning what your company represents and added time spent practicing your “elevator pitch.”

On October 1st, Steve Arsenault (my business partner) and I represented our start-up, Sthetic, at an event hosted by the City of Boston and ePowerhouse, giving a 60 second “elevator pitch” in a competition against 7 other start-up companies. All of the participants speaking at the event had gained previous traction or funding to grow their business, and more than a few of the nominated teams have already raised enough capital to hire full-time staff.

Being the underdog in the competition, Steve and I did not come out “on top” per say, however we did walk away from the competition with a lot of interest in our product and a few compliments on our pitching skills. We have also gained more traction from the AIM4E event, and were invited to represent SThetic at the Boston Tech Jam  on October 2nd.

The teams that walked away from the competition with free office space and mentoring sessions (worth $2500) were Verbal , Soccii & Fruitable. Make sure you check them out!

On behalf of SThetic, Steve and I would personally like to thank Tocci for all of their support! Without your votes, we would have never made it into ePowerhouse’s 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Mixer (AIM4E)! I will be sure to keep Tocci updated with our progress and upcoming events!

Find out more about Sthetic, Steve, and see us in action! Read Sthetic’s past blog post.

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