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Exciting news from our cost engineering Co-Op Marc Perella!  He and his team (fellow Wentworth Institute of Technology student Steve Arsenault) have won a seat at the 2nd Annual Intercollegiate Mixer for Entrepreneurship for Boston area students.  It’s happening on October 1st. Please go to his page and “like” what he and Steve are doing (you can also get to the page through LinkedIn and ‘like’ that way).  He needs a minimum number of likes by Friday midnight to qualify—but why not just open the floodgates and jam in the “likes?”

Our vision is to change the way people see longboards. We would like to make longboarding a mainstream solution for urban commuters. Marc Perella

Marc said that the idea for these boards came out of an experience he had Freshman year. His friend and co-founder, Steve, wanted to learn how to skateboard. A normal skateboard doesn’t have to cost that much, but when it’s a longboard, it is rather an expensive endeavor. Rather than spend $200-350 to try out skateboarding, Marc and Steve decided to build one. After scouring the outside of their dormitory, they found a few skateboard decks that they converted into a hybrid longboard and skateboard. It’s easier to balance on, it stands up on its own, you won’t break the bank buying one, and it’s half of the weight of a normal longboard. Out of that came their company, Sthetic (pronounced ‘aesthetic’).

This isn’t just another product, but Marc and Steve’s goal is to make people rethink commuting without a vehicle. Its lightweight design, ease of balance, ride-ability and upright storability, make this board a great alternative to biking. You don’t have to be a skateboarder to agree this board is a great idea.

To read more about Sthetic head to their website here.

To ‘like’ Marc’s project click here.

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