Make Your Houzz A Home

I have always been drawn to unique and innovative design. Design doesn’t only lie on a computer screen or a business card, however, as a graphic designer, it sometimes seems like we are taught that way. To the majority of people, design is a subliminal message or subconscious awareness of things around you; you like the way your couch looks in your living room or you like having your closet organized by color. As a recent graphic design graduate, I have learned to notice design EVERYWHERE.

During my studies, I frequently needed to take a break from the books (and by books I mean Adobe products and sketch pads). During my breaks, I tried to find other activities to keep my mind fresh. I came across an app for my iPad and iPhone called Houzz. It’s this beautiful app designed to inspire and showcase interior designers. I would spend my study breaks, lunch breaks, and even “nap time” looking at projects from across the world (my wife can attest to this). Using Houzz, as expected, you will find projects that seem generic or cliché, but you can also come across products/projects that totally blow your mind (like this house that has an unbelievable pool house and wine cellar). Beyond just inspiration, this app and website provides people who are thinking about remodeling a space to find great ideas, as well as, visualize bad design to try to avoid.

Even though interior design isn’t my studied field, I still am able to draw heaps of inspiration from these projects. When you need a little boost of creativity or inspiration, I encourage you to browse Houzz. Just remember to set a timer so you don’t spend your entire day on it. It’s addicting!


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Tell Us About Your Project