BBJ’s CFO of the Year is… Bud LaRosa!

On Wednesday I had the good fortune to be named CFO of the Year by the Boston Business Journal. The award is given to those CFO’s who go beyond the typical “CFO role” of financial reporting, treasury, tax and stakeholder relations. Winning a prestigious award such as this is a tremendous honor. I am grateful that I was selected given the quality and accomplishments of the other finalists. This award has also given me cause to reflect on how I got here:

Embracing Change
Many people are afraid of change – even when they are not achieving their desired outcome. Not me. I have always been willing to embrace change. I have never been one to embrace the status quo. I am always looking for better outcomes. I am always focused on the end game.

Change for the sake of change is not warranted. The opportunity to make meaningful change has to be there. There are very few processes that remain static over time.   Recently I heard someone ask why the construction industry needs BIM or IPD. I smiled. To my knowledge construction is the only industry where productivity has declined or remained stagnant for fifty years. There is ample opportunity for change. They should have been asking why the industry has waited so long to change.

John Tocci, Chief Enabling Officer has empowered me (and others) to make the decisions and changes deemed necessary to foster continuous improvement. When it comes to continuous improvement, the opportunities do not end. I work on improving the organization and myself daily. I could not have won this award without his leadership and support.

Although the award is an individual award, nothing that I have accomplished to earn this award could have been done without the contributions and support of my co-workers. I work with a great group of people who understand the industry is moving forward, want to move forward with it and not be left behind. Winning this award helps validate that their ongoing contributions are being recognized outside the organization as well. I can’t thank them enough for contributing to my success.



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