Tocci Team Completes Chelsea Place

Last week, Tocci celebrated the recent completion of Chelsea Place, a residential project constructed using modular techniques. Federal Realty Investment Trust announced the completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 10th while, at Tocci, we acknowledged the success in our own way – with jokes from Superintendent Ken Dubois’, prose from Project Manager Victor Guller, and applause from the entire company!

The project team was given 15 minutes to present in Tocci’s staff meeting, and in the words of Victor Guller, “It’s easier to go around the world in 90 seconds than around Chelsea project in 15 minutes.” This despite the compressed schedule and rapid pace of the project.

Although the project kickoff in October feels like it was yesterday, Chelsea Place’s units are now ready for occupancy. At that time, the project was referred to as ‘Chelsea Commons’, but the project was “anything but common.” Tocci bid multiple trades based on a rendering, performed in an adapted design-build-developer role, and simultaneously progressed design and construction.”

Chelsea Place Interior

The Chelsea Place team included Oaktree Development, Khalsa Design, Inc, and Keiser Homes. The team sailed smoothly through some milestones, but has pinpointed lessons learned from some of the challenges. But at the end of the day, the project finished early and the integrated team is ready to move onto the next one!

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