$2,739,726 Per Day

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates calculate the theft of tools, material and construction equipment at construction jobsites equal to $1 billion dollars annually – $2,739,726 per day

Although theft on jobsites cannot be completely eliminated, the January/February issue of AGC Constructor magazine included some tips and commons sense tactics to keep jobsites protected.

  1. Put up Signs – Mike Capulli, director of Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution estimates that 60% of all job sites have no security system. Even if you don’t have a security system, putting up signs that state that the jobsite is monitored will probably deter the average criminal.
  2. Create an Access System – control and limit the number of workers who can pass through the site with an access system. This will allow the company to monitor who goes in and out of the site, and will make identifying who was on site at the time of a theft easier.
  3. Install Video Cameras – in addition to analog and IP video cameras the AGC suggests that sites be equipped with an intrusion alarm system which include door switches, motion sensors and keypad controls.
  4. Assign Inventory Numbers – assigning inventory numbers to your equipment. This way you can accurately track what has gone missing, making it easier for law enforcement and insurance companies to aid in recovery and replacement.
  5. LoJack – consider the use of small self-powered LoJack units on your large equipment, it has direct integration with police and uses radio frequency technology. Using the tracking equipment the equipment can usually be recovered.
  6. Anonymous Tip Hotlines – since most jobsite theft is internal, creating a tip line can be a help and a deterrent. This lets employees know that job thefts will be investigated and that your company is serious about minimizing loss.

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