Can You See Your CFD

The Autodesk Simulation team recently presented Simulation CFD to the Boston Revit Users Group. Laura Handler, Tocci’s Director of VDC, helps manage the group and attended the presentation.

The Tocci team has been intrigued by building performance analysis for quite some time, so I was excited when the Autodesk Simulation agreed to present to the BRUG. I was even more excited to learn that the presentation would include discussion on integration with Revit. Ultimately, this is a design tool, but tools like this should be important to builders as we integrate more closely with designers, and at times, are contractually responsible for building performance.

Ryan Abel, Application Engineer, discussed the workflow between Revit and Simulation CFD: how teams can identify patterns, discover trends, and adjust accordingly.

I really loved the visualizations from Simulation CFD; I think it would be incredibly helpful to see these on a project. Ryan showed us a few for air flow, thermal stratification, and thermal comfort.

Once the team iterates the design in Revit, they can import an update to compare and contrast in Simulation CFD’s Decision Center.

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