We Wish Everyday Was Steel Day

On September 26th, the AISC hosted events all across the country for National Steel Day: events included tours of local fabrication shops, learning seminars, and visits to active job sites. Tocci Cost Engineers Cosmas Papanikolaou and Drew Dana attended a seminar on and a job site visit to 141 Brookline Avenue, a Residence Inn by Marriott. Drew shared this event summary.

The first half of the event was a summary of the project, by the owner, architect, structural engineer, general contractor and finally the steel fabricator; the second half a walk thru of the site. The project is 9 stories tall and uses a proprietary superstructure system called Girder-Slab. The system uses a combination of castellated wide flange beams and hollow core pre-cast concrete planks to deliver a building which is erected quickly and has low a ceiling-to-floor depth. This project has only an 8 inch deep floor system and the erector will be on site for a total of 88 days from setting the first column to grouting the last plank.

What was most impressive to watch was the erector hoisting and placing the pre-cast planks using only a vacuum rig attached to the crane. Safety cables are used but the actual lifting is facilitated using suction force on the plank. The erector was averaging 3-4 per plank, picking planks directly from flatbed trucks using an on-site tower crane. Jamie Noon, the project manager said that they had never used this type of rig before to set planks and wanted to test it out when they first received it. The picked up their largest plank (18,000 pounds), turned off the vacuum and left for lunch. When they returned 1 hour later the plank was still holding. He went on to further say that the plank manufacturer has tested the rig with a 20,000 pound plank and it took over 4 hours to lose suction after the rig had been shutoff .  The owner is Bolyston Properties, the architect is Group One Partners, the general contractor is John Moriatry & Associates, the structural engineer is McNamara/Salvia, the steel fabricator/erector is the Berlin Steel Construction Company, and the pre-cast plank manufacturer is J.P. Carrara & Sons.

Look for events next for National Steel Day which will be held on September 27th

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