Tocci welcomes new VDC modeler, Kirsten Solerlund

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10 Things to Know About Kirsten

  1. I’ve lived in 5 states… 6 if you count both Northern and Southern California
  2. I think Taco Bell is 70% delicious and 30% terrifying.
  3. I’ve been allergic to chocolate my whole life.
  4. I think my dad had no idea what to do with a daughter and this is the only reason I know how to use power tools.  When I was three I helped my dad put together my Smurf swing set.  A few years later we worked together on my first design/ build: a rabbit hutch for my new bunny, Molly. Now I never ask for help on jobs like installing curtain rods—I get out my screw gun and do it
  5. I’ve been obsessed with architecture since second grade.  We visited my friend’s grandfather’s house in Carmel, CA.  The unique mid-century modern design fascinated me.  Framed floor plans hung on the walls.  Unable to decipher the meaning hidden in the lines and signs on the blue paper, I determined to become an architect and unlock the secrets.
  6. In college I lived with 9 of my best friends in a 10 bedroom house. It was the best year of my life.
  7. If I didn’t live in Boston I would live in San Francisco
  8. I love skiing!
  9. I was a vegetarian until I was 17
  10. In my free time I like to… oh wait I go to the BAC, I don’t have any free time. Never mind.
  11. I enjoy trying new things, new foods, going to new places and having new experiences.  There are so many great things to see and do and it is a life goal of mine to never stop learning.  These experiences are always more enjoyable when they are shared, so I am lucky to have adventurous friends and family.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in Environmental Design, I worked for Cleantech Solutions where

I managed two government performance contracts and loved being in the field, managing subs and seeing my designs come together. This opened my eyes to construction and the joy in bringing design to life.

The field deepened my respect for electricians.  Even though I was young, I developed a good rapport with them and learned some of the industry tricks you never hear about in school. I learned: show expertise, don’t talk about it. A couple times they took advantage of situations: a scheduled delivery hadn’t arrived so they sat in their truck.  I got pretty vocal. I learned to be assertive.

What brought you “into the light?”

I had taken some exciting classes on the ROI of energy efficiency, so the job was a great opportunity to have a real world application

Are you hyper sensitive to poor lighting? 

Lighting affects how well we work and how we feel about our space. It’s annoying to not be able to see, then again offices that are over lit are bad for your eyes and can cause headaches.

Do you hate ugly fixtures? 

Pick the right fixture for the right place.  For ex. uplighting can make a space seem brighter and lighter.

Is there one change that yields significant energy savings?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all.  Dimmers can reduce energy usage when not needed.  Some lights have integrated fixtures—just a small dome that adjusts to the amount of daylight, coming up on dark cloudy days and dimming in bright sunshine to keep the light level constant.LEDs and compact fluorescents are improving—the light is less blue and they are more cost effective.  Still there’s nothing like the MR16 for a directional spot.

 Kirsten is a great asset to the Tocci Team with her growing expertise in lighting and facilities management. She is currently managing and implementing the integration between facilities management and BIM for the Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building.

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