Tocci Supports NuPath

In our charitable giving we strive to donate to worthy causes near and far. As is our custom, instead of giving clients holiday gifts, we donated to the food crisis in the Horn of Africa. Closer to home, last month we conducted a linens drive for Mission of Deeds in Reading MA. We are also sponsoring NuPath’s upcoming spring fundraiser that will be held at the Holiday Inn Select on May 16.

Who and what and where is NuPath? NuPath is located on New Boston St. in Woburn, and they provide developmentally delayed adults with vocational training and supported housing.

NuPath’s event, called “A Taste of Spring,” features some interesting local food purveyors including  L’Andana, The Capital Grille, and Dole and Bailey. Beverages will be served. The proceeds from the event will support NuPath’s programs, including training, therapies (speech, occupational, music and physical), and community activities (i.e., volunteering, swimming, horseback riding).

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