Tocci Presentation Selected for Upcoming BIMForum

Laura Handler and Pierce Reynoldson were selected to speak at the upcoming BIMForum Conference. The theme of the conference centers on “VDC Deliverables”:

The Spring BIMForum will focus on the ways that the VDC deliverables are used to solve specific problems i.e,  how they saved a project time or money, enabled better decisions, enhanced quality, improved the project schedule, eliminated information drop-off between parties, enhanced communication or collaboration, or had other meaningful impact to the design, construction or operation of the building.

This topic sparked some intense internal discussions and a decision to submit a presentation with a different take (read: opposite viewpoint!) on deliverables.

Emerging forms of design construction integration are undermining the traditional primacy of the deliverable.  Why wait for the next document set, coordination report, or SK when your team can simply share information and collaborate on the project in real time?

This presentation will discuss and detail examples from projects where we have found that process supersedes product. Why issue drawing sets, when your team is already working from shared models? Why extract detail drawings from fabrication models when you can just coordinate the model? Why make a report to coordinate the model, when you can have a team continuously coordinating the model through co-location? Most importantly, how much informality can the industry handle?

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