Death of Architecture!?

Kristen Tomlinson, Tocci Project Manager, shared a link last Friday:

Here is a quote from “Why ‘The Death of Architecture’ May Not Be Such a Bad Thing  by John Cary.  I found the article interesting, given our BIMForum discussions of “typical” project Architect roles and and how they have changed, especially as BIM and Collaborative Design become more and more mainstream.

“ …Decades in the making, the public interest design field, with its defiant rejection of architecture’s unsustainable ways, is coming of age. Its emergence is seen most directly in dozens of nonprofit design organizations. Like traditional architecture firms, however, these organizations almost universally rely on low-paying fee-for-service work supplemented by modest philanthropic support from foundations and individuals. The hard truth is that they risk the same vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that have plagued the architecture profession at large, limiting innovation, scale, and social impact. Accordingly, the majority of these efforts are tiny and disparate, while the problems they are tackling—and have the potential to solve—are enormous and interconnected.

After a century and a half, architecture’s fate may be sealed, but the emerging field of public interest design stands on the brink of becoming a self-sustaining profession and making a tangible impact on the world. This is the moment that government agencies, foundations, generations of design professionals, and the public at large (whether they know it or not) have been waiting for. So let’s get to work.”

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