Sustainability & LEED Training

As a new decade dawns in the 21st century, it has become apparent that Green and Sustainable buildings are not only imperative for the well-being of our planet but they no longer deserve their own category. Each and every building should be green. Green is no longer news. Yes, we should still strive for advancement in green technologies, materials and processes, but to not use every sustainable option available to each project represents an archaic way of building.

So why are we blogging about it right now if we believe this is no longer news?

Because we know this is a vital part of who the “builder of the future” is. The builder of the future will recommend green options over all others, the builder of the future has the health of our world inextricably woven into their thinking and fundamental project approach.

To facilitate this, Tocci is implementing a series of training sessions that will cover LEED credits and credentialing, Zero Emissions Buildings (ZEB), strategies for a greener site and green products.

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Tell Us About Your Project