Tocci Co-sponsored Children's Mural Dedicated in Philadelphia

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For Immediate Release: January 24, 2006 Tocci Building Companies, Woburn, MA.Tocci Building Companies, Winther Investment, Inc., East Falls Community Council and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (MAP) celebrated the installation, fronting Dobson Mills Apartments, of an extraordinary mural designed and painted by children from four East Falls’ schools, on January 24, 2007. The 2730th MAP mural, sponsored by Winther Investment, Inc. and Tocci Building Companies, developer and construction manager respectively of Dobson Mills, is a uniquely successful example of corporate generosity. For MAP it represents a very unusual project serving to bring together sixty-seven talented girls and boys from a socially diverse neighborhood to share in a remarkable, “once in a lifetime” arts experience.

The mural theme, leadership, takes cue from Leadership Philadelphia’s Connector Project, a leadership study initiative. Delia King, MAP muralist, and her team including Constance Mensh, journalist, and George Apotsos, designed and implemented an eight week program for the participating 5th through 8th grade students from St. Bridget’s School, Thomas Mifflin School, William Penn Charter School and Wissahickon Charter School. The students explored the concept of leadership through research and interviews and co-developed the visual language that conveyed their leadership beliefs. Each school selected a local leader whose portrait is included in the mural. Wayne Walker, Willie Miller, Faye Tyler and Erik Robinson were so honored for their community contribution. Each spoke eloquently, at the dedication, offering personal perspective on the role of responsibility, courage, giving, nurture and respect in being a leader and building leaders.

A student from each of the schools spoke about their views on leadership. Alexis Barton, Thomas Mifflin School, expressed her belief that leadership is “when your sibling looks to you for guidance. They look up to you to set an example. My sister looks up to me as a homework helper and as a role model.” Chuck Taylor, St. Bridget’s School, enthused “anyone can be a leader in the world. You can be a leader of anything. A leader could be in charge of doing deeds for the poor. They do stuff to help people. Dara Emery, William Penn Charter School, offered the opinion that “leadership is the idea that one will follow their own heart and do what they can to convince others to do the same. Leadership is guidance, self-integrity and self-confidence. A leader will do what they know is right and not what others perceive to be right.” And Taylor Evans, Wissahickon Charter School, stated that “leadership means taking charge and ownership.

Everyone must be included in the project and in order to do that the leader must listen to everyone’s ideas and answers.”

Jane Golden, MAP Director; Linda Saltford, East Falls Community Council; James Tollett, Vice President, Winther Investment, Inc; Amy Thompson West, Director of Marketing, Tocci Building Companies, Delia King, MAP Muralist; Marie Ciglar, Principal, St. Bridget’s School; Darryl Ford, Director of Middle School, William Penn Charter School; and Heidi Kapusta, Art Teacher, Wissahickon Charter School also spoke. Commentary reflected on the enormous effort and cooperation that was expended by the schools, community, MAP and corporate sponsors to enable the mural and the great joy all participants feel in having successfully executed it. To collectively paraphrase repeated observation, “anything is possible when people connect and lead the charge to build better communities.”

The mural can be seen now, and into the spring, at the corner of Scotts Lane and Ridge Avenue in East Falls. It will be moved to a permanent East Falls location in the future.

Tocci Building Corporation is a premier construction services firm providing turnkey development, design/build and construction management services to national and regional clients building throughout the Northeast United States. The firm, operational since 1922, employs over eighty construction planning, construction management and support staff professionals engaged in building commercial, residential and institutional projects valued from $10M to $125M.

For further information please contact Amy Thompson West, Director of Marketing.

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