Tocci’s Take on Scaling BIM Down

The question of scalability (that is, the idea that there are lower limits for... Read More [+]

Tocci’s Take on the BIMForum

Upon returning to Woburn after BIMForum, VDC Project Coordinator Pierce Reynoldson and Project Manager... Read More [+]
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Abbot Mill: Implementing the Owner’s Vision

The Abbot Mill is an intricate, historical restoration project, which has provided Tocci with... Read More [+]
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Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion: Construction Starts When Design Starts, and Design Ends When Construction Ends.

On a true IPD project like Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion, design and construction strike... Read More [+]
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Tocci Perspectives: How Design and Construction Mesh

And we rarely build a “vanilla box” Project Manager Joe Cavallaro analyzes the design... Read More [+]
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Peter W. Rodino Federal Office Building: Getting from –GN to CO-

The end of desiGN to the beginning of COnstruction of course. The transition between... Read More [+]
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Early Engagement of Subcontractors

One of the major tenets of IPD is the early engagement of key subcontractors.... Read More [+]

Tocci and The S/L/A/M Collaborative Map Project Manual for Marlborough Hospital Cancer Pavilion

A key component in the set-up for an IPD project is the joint development... Read More [+]
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New Project Announcement: Marlborough Hospital

As we mentioned last month, Tocci is working with Marlborough Hospital and The S/L/A/M... Read More [+]

Standardizing BIM with GSA

The General Services Administration was one of the first building owners to require and... Read More [+]

GSA Pilots FM BIM using Rodino Federal Office Building

As GSA, Tocci/Driscoll, KlingStubbins and the bridging design team work during the design documentation... Read More [+]

Testing New ArchiCAD Functionality with GSA

Through the Nationwide BIM Services IDIQ, the KlingStubbins/Tocci team is working with the GSA... Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project