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Construction Sites as Public Art

Little known fact about Tocci (ok, it might be well known): We LOVE art... Read More [+]

Food for Thought: Why Architecture Matters

A few Tocci employees recently listened to a discussion on WBUR, the Boston area... Read More [+]
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(Modular) Design We Love

In the past, there was stigma that modular construction does not provide the flexibility... Read More [+]

Tocci’s Work Featured in A+U Magazine

Tocci’s Autodesk project was recently featured in Architecture and Urbanism, one of the world’s... Read More [+]

Design we love – Guastavino

Great design never goes out of style, a prime example is the work of... Read More [+]

Design we love – The Bone Wall

Tocci recently came across the design work of Joe MacDonald and we were dazzled... Read More [+]

Design we love – BMW Gina

This concept car by the BMW design team came out a year ago, but... Read More [+]

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Tell Us About Your Project