Tocci attended the 2018 MBI (Modular Building Institute) annual conference in Hollywood, Florida this past month. The conference has grown over thirty years – 850 people showed up (owners, architects, engineers, modular fabricators, suppliers, and general contractors + construction managers) to hear what’s new in modular.

Here’s a few things I found interesting:

The United States is late to the modular game

Japan, Sweden, England, and Canada are far in front of the US when…

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On Tuesday, March 20th Dan Arenz, Arash Arbabi & I attended the Co-Op + Career Fair at Wentworth. The Career Fair is a great opportunity to meet potential co-op candidates and educate students on what Tocci’s co-op program has to offer. It is a great chance for us to get face to face with students and explain to them the many types of projects we are working on, as well as give them a real…

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Our eight story, 120 key hotel in Providence is making great progress. To catch up on the work at Homewood Suites, we got the scoop from Project Manager, Taj Goodpaster:

Old man winter has been brutal to New England and he has not spared the Hilton Homewood Suites project in Providence, RI. All of Tocci’s trade contractors have been helpful and diligent in managing the cold, wind, and snow to keep the project on…

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“A team is only as strong as its weakest link.”

While this expression may seem overused or cliché, it’s not untrue. A great team is built on a foundation of good communication- and like a foundation, it is only as strong as the weakest link. This expression stresses that the success of a whole group depends on the success of each individual member. Therefore, if one person fails, the whole group fails….

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You Have to Love It

I am an unlicensed architect working for a construction management company.

Or, am I an architectural intern working for a construction management company?

Or, am I a VDC Specialist who got their Masters in Architecture and now works for a construction management company?

Questioning my role as a young-professional-not-yet-architect is just one of the hurdles I’m facing. I’ve made it my first professional goal to get out of this ambiguous area as soon…

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