Like love and happiness, the desire for respect is a common human quest. We all want to be respected. Respect was the topic of Tocci’s first 2018 company-wide workshop.

On a high level, the attitude level, we are a very respectful group.

Respect is a feeling of admiration for someone elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

At Tocci we are big on subject matter experts. We know who is best at spreadsheets,…

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Our occupied renovation in South Boston is making great progress. To find out more about this two-story, 150,000 sf building, we spoke with Superintendent, Tim Corbett:

At 645 Summer Street, we are moving along as the weather permits with the shotcrete process on the exterior shear walls. This involves installing a vertical rebar mat that is attached to angles that are welded to the building’s structure, then covering the area with shotcrete. Shotcrete is…

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Our South End mixed-use project is continuing to make progress as we carry on construction through the cold winter months. To get us up to speed, we spoke to Area Superintendent, John Adams:

The structural slab was placed last week at 88 Wareham Street, and we are currently setting up the gang forms for the basement foundation walls. A smaller 15 ton crane was brought on site and placed on the basement slab to…

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Our eight story hotel in Providence continues to make great progress despite the cold. We spoke with Assistant Project Manager, Andrew DiFraia, to get the scoop:

We have completed the two story steel podium, wrapped it for protection from the weather, and installed temp heat. Tocci and the MEP trades have been laying out the pipe sleeves which are expected to be completed at the end of the week. The third floor slab is…

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2017 has been a great year for our Wellness Committee. Not only have we managed to grow in size as more employees have been interested in partaking in our initiatives, but we also have been able to engage in more health conscious and giving opportunities. Before getting too far into the new year, I wanted to reflect upon the past year of wellness here at Tocci.


Nutrition is a key element of…

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